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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values
Latest Updates (December 2021)

✔ Added video showing the Biggest Wins of the week (December 1 through December 7, 2021).
✔ Updated the values of about 100 pets and other items based on recent trade activity.
✔ Added the Winter 2021 toys that are currently available. Some of these toys may take several hours of work to be able to get (since the maximum gingerbread for each game seems to be 1200 and some toys are over 20,000 gingerbread), but we do not expect the values to be too high since toys rarely become high value items. We will try to keep an eye on them and update values as we see changes.

As for the Winter 2021 pets, we are seeing the normal trend of new pet values so far. First, values are very high. Then they slowly go down. Then once they are out of game, they slowly go back up again. We'll see if that trend continues here.
✔ Added the new Winter 2021 pets except for St. Bernard which will not be available until the 25th day of the Advent calendar. We will add the other Winter 2021 items soon.
Older Updates (November 2021)

✔ Updated the values of many pets and other items based on recent trades.
✔ New feature! Click "KYV Game" on the main menu to play a new game based on all the pets and items in Adopt Me. The game is called Know Your Values. To play, click on the item that is worth more (or click on Fair if both items are equal in value). Try to get as many correct in a row as you can. If you are logged in, your high score will be saved. There is also a High Score Leaderboard where you can see how your score compares to other AdoptMeTradingValues.com users. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?
✔ Updated the values of many pets. Also fixed a bug with going to the Next Page of offers made on listings. Thanks to Flamingo1girl for pointing this out!
✔ Added "Recent Trades" section to the Pet & Item Information page. Just click to view a particular pet or item, and you can now see trades recently completed for that item.
✔ Added the Halloween toys and the rest of the Halloween 2021 permanently tradable items.
✔ Added another new feature to the new trading system. Click Recent Offers and then click "Best Offers Not Yet Accepted from the Past 24 Hours" to see all the best recent offers (sorted by the biggest win percentage-wise).

Also added additional functionality to further limit ridiculous trades. Trades like Dog for Shadow Dragon were already blocked, but this latest update should reduce the number of highly unbalanced offers in the future while still allowing users to be reasonably over.
✔ Added "Recent Offers" button to our new trading system. This new feature lets users see what offers have just been made most recently by other players. Refresh the Recent Offers every few minutes to see what new offers have been made so you can be the first to accept the offer and complete the trade right away since the other user is very likely to still be online.
✔ Users can now log into AdoptMeTradingValues.com to find trades with each other. When you list an item, you will see all offers made on that item by all users. When you make an offer for an item, all users who are listing that item will see your offer. You will also be able to see the Win/Fair/Lose suggestions. Click the help question mark in the top right to learn more about how this works and why you might want to sign up.
✔ Added ability to easily see how many users have set each pet as their dream pet so far. To see this dream pet info, check out the Pet & Item Information page.
✔ Removed Full Grown as an option when adding a Mega Neon pet. Thanks to anonymous user for the suggestion!
✔ Added the Halloween Pet Wear.
Older Updates (October 2021)

✔ Added all the Halloween 2021 event pets. The Halloween Pet Wear & Toys will be coming sometime after Roblox is back online.
✔ Updated many pet values, particularly the higher value pets.
✔ We have been working behind the scenes to prepare a new system where users can trade items online with other users. The goal of the system is to make it easier and quicker for Adopt Me players to get fair trades. We will post an announcement on the home page once it is ready.
✔ Added all the new Pet Wear.
Older Updates (September 2021)

✔ Added a new trading video to the Videos page. The video is called Trading a FR Frost Fury..
✔ Added a new trading video to the Videos page. The video is called Trading a FR Arctic Reindeer.
✔ Added the 2 new flying vehicles and Mooncakes.
✔ Added all the newest gifts from the latest gift rotation. All tradable items should now be on the site.
✔ All Pet Wear has now been added. Also added option for "Pet Wear Only" to the Value List page.
✔ Added another new trading video to the Videos page. The video is called Trading A Neon FR Unicorn.
✔ Added more Pet Wear. We will add the rest soon.
✔ Added new video to the Videos page. The video is called Making & Trading A Neon FR Turtle.
Older Updates (August 2021)

✔ Added more Pet Wear and adjusted the value of many out of game pets. The release of the Mythic Egg has finally started to settle down a bit, so values of Mythic Egg pets have gone down a bit as well.
✔ Adjusted many more pet values - particularly higher value pets. Of special note, we have been resisting placing the Bat Dragon above the Giraffe (we know many of you have been suggesting this for a while, thank you), but this is now clearly the case. Thanks to all who make suggestions on updating values. We don't always follow the advice of the suggestions, but we do always double check them based on current values that we see and try to provide an accurate ballpark estimate value.
✔ We will be adding the ability to let users log into the website and perform a variety of actions soon. We have already added functionality to show the number of users who have certain pets as their Dream Pets (though nearly all of them will show 0 for now until we let all users log in to select their dream pets). More coming soon...
✔ Adjusted many pet values. Phoenix and Goldhorn now seem to be trading for about the same values (August 21). Added many more Pet Wear items.
✔ Added Mythic Egg and all the Mythic Egg pets. They just came out today (August 19), and their values are temporarily high as expected. Although the Goldhorn and Phoenix are both legendary, we are seeing the Goldhorn trade for more than the Phoenix currently. We will keep our eyes on values, but they should all start to decline over the next few days.
✔ Started adding Pet Wear to the trading grid. There are over 230 Pet Wear items, so we will add them in batches over time. They are also now available on the Pet Value List page when selecting the Everything option.
✔ Added the Speedboat and three new Robux/Gamepass vehicles.
✔ Increased value of some of the oldest legendary pets when they are unpotioned. For example, a non-fly/non-ride Giraffe now shows up as being worth more than a Fly/Ride Giraffe.
Older Updates (July 2021)

✔ Added Search to the trading grid.
✔ All toys have now been added.
✔ Added Toys options to both the Value List page and the Item Information pages. We are almost done adding all toys to the website.
✔ Added new page with information about Tips to Get Rich.
✔ Added Neon and Mega Neon versions of pets to the individual pet information value pages found here.
✔ Updated some pet values & added more toys.
✔ Added Fossil Egg trading video to the Videos page.
✔ On the individual item information pages linked below, Neons and Mega-Neons are now included in the list of items that are close in value to the item being viewed.
✔ Added information pages for all pets and other items currently available: Pets | Vehicles | Food | Strollers
✔ Updated values of some pets and items & added more toys.
✔ Started adding Toys to the trading grid. There are over 240 of them, so we will add them in batches over time. They are also now available on the Pet Value List page when selecting the Everything option.
✔ Hmmm... some of the pets around here really want some attention. We hear they like to be tickled. Try clicking on a floating pet with your sound turned on.
✔ Added "W/F/L?" button to the trading grid.
✔ Updated the trading grid screen to make it clearer when a trade is a Win, Lose, or Fair. Green colors indicate a good trade (W/F) while red colors indicate a bad trade (L).

Older Updates (June 2021)

✔ The Stroller list now contains all strollers.
✔ Implemented HTTPS so the website should now show up as Secure within user web browsers.
✔ Updated the values of many pets (Dalmatian, Christmas Egg, Diamond Egg & its pets, and more).
✔ Added help icon to home page and new tutorial video to help demonstrate how to use the site for new users.
✔ Added pet icons to the Videos page. Users can now click on a pet to go directly to that pet's part of the video.
✔ Began adding Strollers to the trading grid. More will be added soon. Also added Strollers to the Everything option of the Pet Valu List page.
✔ Improved website loading speed by making multiple major changes. Sorry for any slowness experienced this week.
✔ Added new Videos section and our first video (Ocean Egg Pet Trading).
✔ Added Gifts to the trading grid. Gifts are also now included in the "Everything" option of the Pet Value List page.
✔ Added "Foods Only" option to the Pet Value List page. Also added "Everything" option so all items added so far can be viewed in comparison to each other.
✔ The Food list now contains all food items.
✔ Updated the values of several pets, including some neon values.
✔ Added additional items to the list of Foods in the trading grid.
✔ Reduced the file size of images so pages load faster over slow connections.
✔ Added new Legendary pet Cobra.
✔ Added all remaining potions and some other items to the list of available Foods in the trading grid.
✔ Added Vehicles to the Pet Value List page. You can still view the Pet Value List with just pets, but now you can also view the values of Vehicles by themselves or even view Pets & Vehicles together on one page. Use the drop-down menu at the top of that page to make your selection.
✔ Added names, rarity, and origin to items when you hover over them. For example, if you hover over a Turtle, you will see "Turtle - Legendary from Aussie Egg."
✔ Updated values of some golden pets, some other pets, and some vehicles. Thank you to those who have submitted feedback via our feedback form!
✔ Added Numbers to the Pet Value List page to make it easier to understand the tiers of values.

Ahhh! Flying Pet!

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