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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values
Pet & Item Information

Adopt Me Boy Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Adopt Me Boy ScooterRareGifts
Adopt Me Girl Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Adopt Me Girl ScooterRareGifts
Adopt Me Snowboard 1 - Common from Gifts   Adopt Me Snowboard 1CommonGifts
Adopt Me Snowboard 2 - Common from Gifts   Adopt Me Snowboard 2CommonGifts
Ancient Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Ancient UnicycleUltra-RareGifts
Axel - Legendary from Robux   AxelLegendaryRobux
Banana Car - Legendary from Gifts   Banana CarLegendaryGifts
Bat Face Roller Skates - Uncommon from Gifts   Bat Face Roller SkatesUncommonGifts
Bathtub - Legendary from Gifts   BathtubLegendaryGifts
Bethink Skateboard - Rare from Gifts   Bethink SkateboardRareGifts
Bicycle - Common from Vehicle Dealership   BicycleCommonVehicle Dealership
Bike - Common from Car Showroom   BikeCommonCar Showroom
Black Cab - Legendary from Robux   Black CabLegendaryRobux
Black Scooter - Common from Gifts   Black ScooterCommonGifts
Black Skateboard - Common from Gifts   Black SkateboardCommonGifts
Black Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Black SnowboardCommonGifts
Blue Neon Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Blue Neon SnowboardCommonGifts
Blue Rider - Rare from Star Rewards   Blue RiderRareStar Rewards
Blue Scooter - Common from Gifts   Blue ScooterCommonGifts
Blue Skateboard - Common from Gifts   Blue SkateboardCommonGifts
Blue Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Blue SnowboardCommonGifts
Bubble Car - Legendary from Robux   Bubble CarLegendaryRobux
Bunny Carriage - Legendary from Gifts   Bunny CarriageLegendaryGifts
Butterfly Roller Skates - Rare from Gifts   Butterfly Roller SkatesRareGifts
Camper Van - Rare from Car Showroom   Camper VanRareCar Showroom
Candy Snowmobile - Rare from Winter 2022   Candy SnowmobileRareWinter 2022
Car - Uncommon from Car Showroom   CarUncommonCar Showroom
Choo Choo Train - Legendary from Gifts   Choo Choo TrainLegendaryGifts
Classic Airplane - Common from Vehicle Dealership   Classic AirplaneCommonVehicle Dealership
Classic Boat - Common from Vehicle Dealership   Classic BoatCommonVehicle Dealership
Classic Helicopter - Common from Vehicle Dealership   Classic HelicopterCommonVehicle Dealership
Cloud - Legendary from Gifts   CloudLegendaryGifts
Clown Car - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground   Clown CarUltra-RareMonkey Fairground
Clown Unicycle - Uncommon from Monkey Fairground   Clown UnicycleUncommonMonkey Fairground
Convertible - Rare from Car showroom   ConvertibleRareCar showroom
Cookie Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019   Cookie UnicycleUltra-RareChristmas 2019
Crescent Moon Car - Legendary from Lunar New Year 2023   Crescent Moon CarLegendaryLunar New Year 2023
Cupcake Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Cupcake ScooterRareGifts
Daisy Unicycle - Rare from Spring Festival 2020   Daisy UnicycleRareSpring Festival 2020
Dapper Friend Carrier - Legendary from Gifts   Dapper Friend CarrierLegendaryGifts
Dino Truck - Legendary from Gifts   Dino TruckLegendaryGifts
Dirt Bike Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Dirt Bike UnicycleUltra-RareGifts
Doge Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Doge ScooterRareGifts
Doge Skateboard - Rare from Gifts   Doge SkateboardRareGifts
Dogmobile - Legendary from Gifts   DogmobileLegendaryGifts
Donut Cycle - Legendary from Gifts   Donut CycleLegendaryGifts
Donut Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Donut UnicycleUltra-RareGifts
Douglas - Legendary from Robux   DouglasLegendaryRobux
Dragon Train - Legendary from Lunar New Year 2022   Dragon TrainLegendaryLunar New Year 2022
Duck Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Duck ScooterRareGifts
Egg Delivery Machine - Legendary from Easter 2022   Egg Delivery MachineLegendaryEaster 2022
Emoji Scooter - Rare from Gifts   Emoji ScooterRareGifts
Emperor's Chariot - Legendary from September 2022 (Robux)   Emperor's ChariotLegendarySeptember 2022 (Robux)
Family Car - Uncommon from Vehicle Dealership   Family CarUncommonVehicle Dealership
Festive Deliveries Present Truck - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2021   Festive Deliveries Present TruckUltra-RareChristmas 2021
Festive Deliveries Sleigh - Legendary from Christmas 2021   Festive Deliveries SleighLegendaryChristmas 2021
Festive Ice Skates - Rare from Christmas 2020   Festive Ice SkatesRareChristmas 2020
Fidget Skateboard - Rare from Gifts   Fidget SkateboardRareGifts
Fissy Skateboard - Rare from Gifts   Fissy SkateboardRareGifts
Flower Wagon - Ultra-Rare from Spring Festival 2020   Flower WagonUltra-RareSpring Festival 2020
Fossil Paw Helicopter - Rare from Near Hot Air Balloon   Fossil Paw HelicopterRareNear Hot Air Balloon
Futuristic Unicycle - Rare from Gifts   Futuristic UnicycleRareGifts
Ghost Vehicle - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2018   Ghost VehicleUltra-RareHalloween 2018
Giant Snowball - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022   Giant SnowballUltra-RareWinter 2022
Gingerbread Sleigh - Legendary from Winter 2022   Gingerbread SleighLegendaryWinter 2022
Glass Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts   Glass ScooterUncommonGifts
Glass Skateboard - Uncommon from Gifts   Glass SkateboardUncommonGifts
Glass Snowboard - Uncommon from Gifts   Glass SnowboardUncommonGifts
GoKart - Ultra-Rare from VIP   GoKartUltra-RareVIP
Gold Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts   Gold ScooterUncommonGifts
Gold Skateboard - Uncommon from Gifts   Gold SkateboardUncommonGifts
Gold Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Gold SnowboardCommonGifts
Green Neon Snowboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Green Neon SnowboardUltra-RareGifts
Gyrocopter - Legendary from Vehicle Dealership (Robux)   GyrocopterLegendaryVehicle Dealership (Robux)
Halloween Black Ponycycle - Legendary from Halloween 2021   Halloween Black PonycycleLegendaryHalloween 2021
Harvest Truck - Ultra-Rare from Fall Weather Update   Harvest TruckUltra-RareFall Weather Update
Headless Horseman's Biplane - Legendary from Halloween 2022   Headless Horseman's BiplaneLegendaryHalloween 2022
Heart Hoverboard - Ultra-Rare from Robux   Heart HoverboardUltra-RareRobux
Horse and Carriage - Legendary from Vehicle Dealership (Robux)   Horse and CarriageLegendaryVehicle Dealership (Robux)
Horse Cycle - Legendary from Gifts   Horse CycleLegendaryGifts
Hot Tub Muscle Car - Legendary from November 2022 (Robux)   Hot Tub Muscle CarLegendaryNovember 2022 (Robux)
Hoverboard - Legendary from Gifts   HoverboardLegendaryGifts
Hovercar - Legendary from Gifts   HovercarLegendaryGifts
Hovercraft - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards Refresh   HovercraftUltra-RareStar Rewards Refresh
Human Bubble - Rare from Star Rewards   Human BubbleRareStar Rewards
Husky Sled - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022   Husky SledUltra-RareWinter 2022
Ice Cream Truck - Legendary from Robux   Ice Cream TruckLegendaryRobux
Ice Plane - Legendary from Winter 2022   Ice PlaneLegendaryWinter 2022
Ice Queen Sleigh - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019   Ice Queen SleighUltra-RareChristmas 2019
Ice Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts   Ice ScooterUncommonGifts
Ice Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Ice SnowboardCommonGifts
Icebreaker Ship - Uncommon from Winter 2022   Icebreaker ShipUncommonWinter 2022
Imagination Box - Legendary from Gifts   Imagination BoxLegendaryGifts
Landsailer - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map   LandsailerUltra-RareDesert Weather Map
Lunar Muscle Car - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2021   Lunar Muscle CarUltra-RareLunar New Year 2021
Magical Girl Car - Legendary from Robux   Magical Girl CarLegendaryRobux
Magical Princess Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Magical Princess UnicycleUltra-RareGifts
Medieval Wagon - Rare from September 2022   Medieval WagonRareSeptember 2022
Melon Skateboard - Rare from Gifts   Melon SkateboardRareGifts
Mono-Moped - Legendary from Gifts   Mono-MopedLegendaryGifts
Monocycle - Legendary from Gifts   MonocycleLegendaryGifts
Moped - Rare from Car Showroom   MopedRareCar Showroom
Motorbike - Common from Vehicle Dealership   MotorbikeCommonVehicle Dealership
Motorcycle - Common from Car Showroom   MotorcycleCommonCar Showroom
Multi-Bike - Common from Car Showroom   Multi-BikeCommonCar Showroom
Muscle Car - Ultra-Rare from Car Showroom   Muscle CarUltra-RareCar Showroom
Neon Black Scooter - Common from Gifts   Neon Black ScooterCommonGifts
Neon Black Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Black SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon Blue Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Blue ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon Blue Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Blue SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon Green Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Green ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon Green Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Green SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon Orange Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Orange ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon Orange Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Orange SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon Pink Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Pink ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon Pink Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Pink SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon Red Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Red ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon Red Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon Red SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Neon White Scooter - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon White ScooterUltra-RareGifts
Neon White Skateboard - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Neon White SkateboardUltra-RareGifts
Off-Road Car - Rare from Vehicle Dealership   Off-Road CarRareVehicle Dealership
Offroader - Rare from Car Showroom   OffroaderRareCar Showroom
Open Top Speeder - Uncommon from Vehicle Dealership   Open Top SpeederUncommonVehicle Dealership
Orange Neon Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Orange Neon SnowboardCommonGifts
Orchid Racer - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards Refresh   Orchid RacerUltra-RareStar Rewards Refresh
Pink Neon Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Pink Neon SnowboardCommonGifts
Pink Scooter - Common from Gifts   Pink ScooterCommonGifts
Pink Skateboard - Common from Gifts   Pink SkateboardCommonGifts
Pizza Unicycle - Rare from Gifts   Pizza UnicycleRareGifts
Planetary Core Car - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards Refresh   Planetary Core CarUltra-RareStar Rewards Refresh
Plant Powered Roller Skates - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Plant Powered Roller SkatesUltra-RareGifts
Prince Carriage - Legendary from Robux   Prince CarriageLegendaryRobux
Princess Carriage - Legendary from Robux   Princess CarriageLegendaryRobux
Pumpkin Carriage - Legendary from Halloween 2019   Pumpkin CarriageLegendaryHalloween 2019
Racing Monoplane - Rare from Near Hot Air Balloon   Racing MonoplaneRareNear Hot Air Balloon
Rainbow Trail Magic Carpet - Uncommon from Pride Event 2022   Rainbow Trail Magic CarpetUncommonPride Event 2022
RGB Monster Truck - Ultra-Rare from RGB Reward Box   RGB Monster TruckUltra-RareRGB Reward Box
RGB UFO - Ultra-Rare from RGB Reward Box   RGB UFOUltra-RareRGB Reward Box
Ribcage Carriage - Legendary from Halloween 2020   Ribcage CarriageLegendaryHalloween 2020
Roblox Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Roblox SnowboardCommonGifts
Rocket Racer - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards   Rocket RacerUltra-RareStar Rewards
Rocket Skates - Rare from Gifts   Rocket SkatesRareGifts
Rocket Sled - Legendary from Gifts   Rocket SledLegendaryGifts
Roller Skates - Common from Toy Shop   Roller SkatesCommonToy Shop
Royal Carriage - Legendary from Robux   Royal CarriageLegendaryRobux
Santa's Sleigh - Legendary from Christmas 2019   Santa's SleighLegendaryChristmas 2019
Shadow Rider - Legendary from Halloween 2022   Shadow RiderLegendaryHalloween 2022
Sled - Rare from Christmas 2019   SledRareChristmas 2019
Snow Plow - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update   Snow PlowUltra-RareSnow Weather Update
Snow Snowboard - Common from Gifts   Snow SnowboardCommonGifts
Snowblower Toboggan - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022   Snowblower TobogganUltra-RareWinter 2022
Snowmobile - Legendary from Cozy Cottage Gamepass   SnowmobileLegendaryCozy Cottage Gamepass
Soapy Skates - Common from Gifts   Soapy SkatesCommonGifts
Speedboat - Rare from Boats Update 2021   SpeedboatRareBoats Update 2021
Sports Bike - Uncommon from Vehicle Dealership   Sports BikeUncommonVehicle Dealership
Squirrel Car - Legendary from Gifts   Squirrel CarLegendaryGifts
Standard Roller Skates - Common from Gifts   Standard Roller SkatesCommonGifts
Standard Unicycle - Common from Toy Shop   Standard UnicycleCommonToy Shop
Starter Bike - Uncommon from Robux (Starter Pack)   Starter BikeUncommonRobux (Starter Pack)
Strawberry Shortcake Skates - Rare from Winter 2022   Strawberry Shortcake SkatesRareWinter 2022
Strawberry Shortcake Unicycle - Uncommon from Winter 2022   Strawberry Shortcake UnicycleUncommonWinter 2022
Street Racer - Legendary from Influencer Update (Robux)   Street RacerLegendaryInfluencer Update (Robux)
Surfboard - Rare from Pool Store   SurfboardRarePool Store
SUV - Legendary from Robux   SUVLegendaryRobux
Tandem Bicycle - Common from Vehicle Dealership   Tandem BicycleCommonVehicle Dealership
Throwing Knife Target - Rare from Halloween 2022   Throwing Knife TargetRareHalloween 2022
Tiffany - Legendary from Robux   TiffanyLegendaryRobux
Tiny Convertible - Uncommon from Car Showroom   Tiny ConvertibleUncommonCar Showroom
Toxic Barrel - Ultra-Rare from Bunker House Update (Robux)   Toxic BarrelUltra-RareBunker House Update (Robux)
Toy Rescue Helicopter - Legendary from Christmas 2021   Toy Rescue HelicopterLegendaryChristmas 2021
Tractor - Ultra-Rare from Fall Weather Update   TractorUltra-RareFall Weather Update
Traveling House - Legendary from Gifts   Traveling HouseLegendaryGifts
Trireme - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map   TriremeUltra-RareDesert Weather Map
Tundra Exploration Machine - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update   Tundra Exploration MachineUltra-RareSnow Weather Update
Unicorn Cycle - Legendary from Gifts   Unicorn CycleLegendaryGifts
Unicorn Zombie Ponycycle - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2022   Unicorn Zombie PonycycleUltra-RareHalloween 2022
Unicycle - Uncommon from Toy Shop   UnicycleUncommonToy Shop
Unstable Triangle Car - Ultra-Rare from November 2022   Unstable Triangle CarUltra-RareNovember 2022
White Neon Snowboard - Common from Gifts   White Neon SnowboardCommonGifts
White Scooter - Common from Gifts   White ScooterCommonGifts
White Skateboard - Common from Gifts   White SkateboardCommonGifts
White Snowboard - Common from Gifts   White SnowboardCommonGifts
Wing Trunk Car - Legendary from Robux   Wing Trunk CarLegendaryRobux
Witch's Caravan - Legendary from Star Rewards   Witch's CaravanLegendaryStar Rewards
Wizard Caravan - Legendary from Gifts   Wizard CaravanLegendaryGifts
Wood Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts   Wood ScooterUncommonGifts
Wood Skateboard - Uncommon from Gifts   Wood SkateboardUncommonGifts
Yellow Taxi Cab - Legendary from Robux   Yellow Taxi CabLegendaryRobux
Zamboni - Ultra-Rare from Special   ZamboniUltra-RareSpecial

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Adopt Me Trading Values