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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values
How do you get rich in Adopt Me?

There are a few ways to get rich in Adopt me:

- Win Trades
- Grind
- Make Neon Pets
- Use Robux

Rich Inventory
How do you win trades?

First and foremost, you must know the values of pets and other items. If you do not already know the value of the items in a trade, use our trading grid and/or check the Value List. Never make trades where you are on the losing end of the trade - even if it is for your dream pet or another item you really want. Be patient and try to always either do trades where you win or where it is fair for both players.

What is grinding?

Grinding is when you do all of the tasks so you earn bucks, and then you buy eggs and hatch them over and over again. With some luck, you will hatch some legendaries.

To earn bucks faster, we recommend playing as a baby. When you play as a baby, you get to complete tasks both for your pet and for yourself. This means you will earn bucks twice as fast as when you play as a parent. Remember also to never miss any orange tasks (e.g., School, Camping, etc.) since those tasks give you the most bucks. Alternatively, be an adult and ask other players to let you take care of their pets or use alternate/additional accounts of your own (as long as it is OK under the Adopt Me rules). We have seen some players taking care of 4 pets at once using a Quad Stroller.

Check out this video we put together that can help you earn bucks, grind, and make neons faster:

Here is one more grinding tip from one of our website visitors (thank you!):
If you get a food or water task try to do it as soon as possible. This is because food and water tasks are always being given to babies and pets in the game. If you quickly finish feeding you or your pet water or food, you have a chance at getting another food or water task immediately after. Why does this happen you may ask? Well, Adopt Me automatically gives food and water tasks randomly throughout the game. This means that the game doesn't care whether or not you have already completed the food or water task, it just hands it out. So, if you do your best to finish it quickly, you have a chance of getting another right after. This was very useful to me after I found out about it myself, and it ultimately helped the speed of making neons.
And here is one more tip from another website visitor (thank you!):
If you have tasks like School, Hospital, Camping and more tasks in the main map, go to the Backpack button, click on Gifts, and then click on the "+" sign and click on teleport. It will take you to the main map faster and is an awesome trick!
There are a few other ways to travel faster to complete your tasks. For example, you can use a grappling hook to move quickly from one part of the map to another (e.g., shoot it at the mountain behind the campground to quickly get to the campground from almost anywhere on the map). If you get a Magic Door, you can get to your house instantly whenever you get the Dirty task (or if you don't have a Magic Door, you can reset your character, but this can be annoying to do since it removes your outfit, etc.). If you buy pizza dough (from the furniture list within your house), it is cheap and you can stock up whenever you want and always be ready to give food to your pet, so you will not need to travel anywhere to complete the Hungry task.

Several of our website visitors have suggested more ways to save time when grinding. Here is what one of our helpful users suggests (thank you!):
Make sure you have everything you can in your house to fulfill all the tasks. After that you can decorate it and later on buy a new and bigger house to grind, have fun, roleplay with your friends or maybe throw a party to get good trades or whatever you want. It's very good and practical to have a piano in your house aswell. Because instead of having to go to the playground, you can just use the piano to fulfil your task. If you have a sleeping task there is no need to buy a pet bed. They are very expensive (100 bucks is the cheapest). So my suggestion is to get a crib (not sure what the cheapest is sorry). The normal crib is 13 bucks which is affordable even for very poor players. Or you can head to the school or nursery to sleep (you can also go to the hospital to do this task). Same thing with the dirty task. No need to buy a pet bathtub, you can buy a normal one. The cheap bathtub is 13 bucks i believe i am not sure sorry if im wrong and the bathtub is 19 bucks i think.


How do you make neon pets quickly?

To make a neon pet, you must make four full grown versions of the same pet. For example, four full grown dogs are necessary to make a neon dog. If you start with four newborn pets, it can take a lot of time to make them all full grown.

For players who do not have any valuable pets or items, we recommend making neon pets out of common and uncommon pets (especially pets that are either out of game or pets that will go out of game). The reason for this is that you can make common and uncommon pets full grown much faster than rare, ultra-rare, and legendary pets. To make one legendary pet full grown, you must complete a whopping 189 tasks, whereas a common pet only requires 56 tasks to become full grown. As a side note, uncommon pets take 70 tasks, rare pets take 150 tasks, and ultra-rare take 178 tasks. Neon pets are much more valuable and desirable than regular pets, so you will be in a much better position to make a good trade once you have some.

Be sure to use all the tips from the Grinding section above so that you can complete tasks and age up your pets as quickly as possible!

How do I get rich by using Robux?

Some pets, vehicles, and other items can be purchased with Robux. Players can purchase Robux using real money. Since many families already have Amazon accounts, we recommend purchasing Roblox Digital Gift Cards (#ad) via Amazon and then redeeming them in-game.

When you have some Robux available to spend in Adopt Me, we strongly recommend using them mainly to buy Ride Potions and/or Fly Potions. They give you the best bang for the buck as you can easily trade a Ride Potion for a low-tier Legendary pet. For example, a Ride Potion costs 150 Robux. A Kitsune costs 600 Robux. You can almost always find someone who is willing to trade a Kitsune for a Ride Potion. Accordingly, if you have 600 Robux to spend, buy 4 Ride Potions -- you can trade them for 4 Kitsunes. This means you end up with 4 Kitsunes for the price of one!

Ride Potion Kitsune Fair Trade

How do I get good offers on my high tier pets?

Finding good offers on high tier pets can be difficult! Luckily, you have options!
- First, be sure to check out the trades on our website. You can look at offers on your pets and make offers on other pets and items whenever you want.
- Second, go on one of the many RICH Adopt Me Servers. We put together a list of them at that link for your convenience.

Important Notes about Values:

- Some newer pets are worth more than some older pets. For example, Cow (Rare from Farm Egg) is worth more than Rhino (Rare from Jungle Egg).
- Some non-Legendary pets are worth more than some Legendary pets. For example, Hedgehog (Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019) is worth more than Arctic Reindeer (Legendary from Christmas 2019).
- Some Neon versions of pets are worth less than 4 of the regular version of that pet. For example, Neon Frost Dragon is only worth about 2-3 regular Frost Dragons as of Spring 2022.
- Some Mega Neon versions of pets are worth less than 4 of the Neon versions of that pet. For example, Mega Neon Kangaroo is only worth about 2-3 Neon Kangaroos as of Spring 2022.
- The no-potion versions of older pets (particularly older Legendaries) are usually worth more than the Fly Ride versions of those pets. For example, a no-potion Frost Dragon is worth more than a Fly Ride Frost Dragon. This is because the no-potion versions of many older pets are harder to find.
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Adopt Me Trading Values