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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values
Pet & Item Information

Anti-Gravity Potion - Uncommon from Sky Castle   Anti-Gravity PotionUncommonSky Castle
Apple - Common from Farm Shop   AppleCommonFarm Shop
Apple Pie - Common from Apple Pie Display Furniture   Apple PieCommonApple Pie Display Furniture
Ash Zebra Bait - Common from Campfire Cookie   Ash Zebra BaitCommonCampfire Cookie
Baby Bottle - Common from Baby Shop   Baby BottleCommonBaby Shop
Baby Formula - Common from Baby Shop   Baby FormulaCommonBaby Shop
Baked Alaska Bait - Ultra-Rare from Fire Dimension 2024 (Robux)   Baked Alaska BaitUltra-RareFire Dimension 2024 (Robux)
Big Brew Potion - Rare from Sky Castle   Big Brew PotionRareSky Castle
Big Head Potion - Common from Sky Castle   Big Head PotionCommonSky Castle
Blueberry Pie - Common from Green Groceries   Blueberry PieCommonGreen Groceries
Broken Egg - Legendary from Easter 2019   Broken EggLegendaryEaster 2019
Burger - Common from Supermarket   BurgerCommonSupermarket
Burnt Bites Bait - Common from Fire Dimension 2024   Burnt Bites BaitCommonFire Dimension 2024
Cake - Common from Green Groceries   CakeCommonGreen Groceries
Camper's S'more Treat - Uncommon from Camping Shop Refresh 2023   Camper's S'more TreatUncommonCamping Shop Refresh 2023
Candy Cane - Common from Christmas 2017   Candy CaneCommonChristmas 2017
Candy Cane Cake - Common from Winter 2023 (Advent Calendar)   Candy Cane CakeCommonWinter 2023 (Advent Calendar)
Candy Corn - Common from Candy Cannon   Candy CornCommonCandy Cannon
Cheese - Common from Green Groceries   CheeseCommonGreen Groceries
Chocolate - Common from Sweet Street 2018   ChocolateCommonSweet Street 2018
Chocolate Drop - Common from Sweet Street 2018   Chocolate DropCommonSweet Street 2018
Chocolate Egg - Common from Easter 2018   Chocolate EggCommonEaster 2018
Chocolate Milk - Common from Green Groceries   Chocolate MilkCommonGreen Groceries
Chocolate Twist - Common from Sweet Street 2018   Chocolate TwistCommonSweet Street 2018
Christmas Pudding Pup Bait - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2023 (Advent Calendar)   Christmas Pudding Pup BaitUltra-RareWinter 2023 (Advent Calendar)
Cinnamon Roll - Uncommon from Fall Weather Update   Cinnamon RollUncommonFall Weather Update
Coconut Drink - Uncommon from Rain Weather Update   Coconut DrinkUncommonRain Weather Update
Coffee - Common from Coffee Shop   CoffeeCommonCoffee Shop
Cookie - Common from Coffee Shop   CookieCommonCoffee Shop
Cotton Candy - Common from Monkey Fairground   Cotton CandyCommonMonkey Fairground
Cotton Candy Stick - Common from Cotton Candy Stand   Cotton Candy StickCommonCotton Candy Stand
Cure All Potion - Rare from Christmas 2019   Cure All PotionRareChristmas 2019
Diamond Lavender - Legendary from Robux   Diamond LavenderLegendaryRobux
Dim Sum - Common from Chinese New Year 2018   Dim SumCommonChinese New Year 2018
Donut - Common from Furniture Catalog   DonutCommonFurniture Catalog
Flaming Zebra Bait - Rare from Campfire Cookie   Flaming Zebra BaitRareCampfire Cookie
Fly-A-Pet Potion - Legendary from Robux   Fly-A-Pet PotionLegendaryRobux
Golden Bone - Legendary from VIP Update (Robux)   Golden BoneLegendaryVIP Update (Robux)
Golden Clam - Legendary from Snow Weather Update (Robux)   Golden ClamLegendarySnow Weather Update (Robux)
Golden Corn - Legendary from Pet Shop (Robux)   Golden CornLegendaryPet Shop (Robux)
Golden Goldfish - Legendary from Robux   Golden GoldfishLegendaryRobux
Golden Leaf - Legendary from Butterfly Sanctuary (Robux)   Golden LeafLegendaryButterfly Sanctuary (Robux)
Golden Plantain - Legendary from Rain Weather Update (Robux)   Golden PlantainLegendaryRain Weather Update (Robux)
Golden Wheat - Legendary from Fall Weather Update (Robux)   Golden WheatLegendaryFall Weather Update (Robux)
Green Tea Cup - Common from Furniture Catalog   Green Tea CupCommonFurniture Catalog
Grow Potion - Rare from Sky Castle   Grow PotionRareSky Castle
Ham - Common from Green Groceries   HamCommonGreen Groceries
Healing Apple - Common from Hospital   Healing AppleCommonHospital
Heart Potion - Uncommon from Valentine's 2019   Heart PotionUncommonValentine's 2019
Honey - Legendary from Robux   HoneyLegendaryRobux
Honey Candy - Common from BEES! Blaster   Honey CandyCommonBEES! Blaster
Hot Dog And Fries - Common from Deep Fryer Furniture   Hot Dog And FriesCommonDeep Fryer Furniture
Hotdog - Common from Farm Shop   HotdogCommonFarm Shop
Hyperspeed Potion - Common from Sky Castle   Hyperspeed PotionCommonSky Castle
Ice Cream - Common from Ice Cream Parlor   Ice CreamCommonIce Cream Parlor
Ice Lolly - Rare from Snow Weather Update   Ice LollyRareSnow Weather Update
Ice Tub - Common from Sweet Street 2018   Ice TubCommonSweet Street 2018
Jasmine Tea Cup - Common from Furniture Catalog   Jasmine Tea CupCommonFurniture Catalog
Knafeh - Rare from Desert Weather Map   KnafehRareDesert Weather Map
Leaf - Ultra-Rare from Butterfly Sanctuary   LeafUltra-RareButterfly Sanctuary
Lemonade - Common from Lemonade Stand   LemonadeCommonLemonade Stand
Levitation Potion - Ultra-Rare from Sky Castle   Levitation PotionUltra-RareSky Castle
Lollipop - Common from Candy Cannon   LollipopCommonCandy Cannon
Mac and Cheese - Common from Baking Dish - Mac and Cheese Furniture   Mac and CheeseCommonBaking Dish - Mac and Cheese Furniture
Mahi Spinning Rod - Common from Beach Shop   Mahi Spinning RodCommonBeach Shop
Marshmallow On A Stick - Common from Campground   Marshmallow On A StickCommonCampground
Milkshake - Common from Milkshake Machine   MilkshakeCommonMilkshake Machine
Molten Melon - Rare from Campfire Cookie   Molten MelonRareCampfire Cookie
Mooncake - Common from Near Bridge   MooncakeCommonNear Bridge
Mud Ball - Legendary from Desert Weather Map (Robux)   Mud BallLegendaryDesert Weather Map (Robux)
Oolong Tea Cup - Common from Furniture Catalog   Oolong Tea CupCommonFurniture Catalog
Pancakes - Common from Pancake Maker Furniture   PancakesCommonPancake Maker Furniture
Patterns Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019   Patterns EggUncommonEaster 2019
Pet Food - Common from Pet Shop   Pet FoodCommonPet Shop
Pet Treat - Uncommon from Pet Shop   Pet TreatUncommonPet Shop
Pizza - Common from Furniture Catalog   PizzaCommonFurniture Catalog
Popcorn - Common from Green Groceries   PopcornCommonGreen Groceries
Raspberry Pie - Common from Green Groceries   Raspberry PieCommonGreen Groceries
Rice Cake Soup - Common from Lunar New Year Gift Boxes   Rice Cake SoupCommonLunar New Year Gift Boxes
Ride-A-Pet Potion - Legendary from Robux   Ride-A-Pet PotionLegendaryRobux
Sandwich - Common from Signing In   SandwichCommonSigning In
Seaweed - Common from World Oceans Day   SeaweedCommonWorld Oceans Day
Small Sip Potion - Rare from Sky Castle   Small Sip PotionRareSky Castle
Smores Cookie - Common from Campground   Smores CookieCommonCampground
Snowflake Cookie - Uncommon from Winter 2023 (Advent Calendar)   Snowflake CookieUncommonWinter 2023 (Advent Calendar)
Snowflake Potion - Uncommon from Christmas 2018   Snowflake PotionUncommonChristmas 2018
Soda - Common from Green Groceries   SodaCommonGreen Groceries
Stars Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019   Stars EggUncommonEaster 2019
Strawberry Shortcake - Common from Winter 2022   Strawberry ShortcakeCommonWinter 2022
Stripes Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019   Stripes EggUncommonEaster 2019
Sweet Rice Drink - Common from Lunar New Year Gift Boxes   Sweet Rice DrinkCommonLunar New Year Gift Boxes
Taco - Common from Green Groceries   TacoCommonGreen Groceries
Tea - Common from Coffee   TeaCommonCoffee
Tea Party Scone - Common from Tea Party Set   Tea Party SconeCommonTea Party Set
Teleportation Potion - Uncommon from Christmas 2018   Teleportation PotionUncommonChristmas 2018
Translucent Tea Potion - Rare from Sky Castle   Translucent Tea PotionRareSky Castle
Water - Common from Farm Shop   WaterCommonFarm Shop
Water Walking Potion - Rare from Sky Castle   Water Walking PotionRareSky Castle
Watermelon - Common from Farm Shop   WatermelonCommonFarm Shop

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Adopt Me Trading Values