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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values
Pet & Item Information

Airplane Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Airplane StrollerRareGifts
Baby Basket Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Baby Basket StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Balloon Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop   Balloon StrollerUltra-RareBaby Shop
Banana Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Banana StrollerRareGifts
Bunny Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2019   Bunny StrollerUltra-RareEaster 2019
Cannon Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Cannon StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Car Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   Car StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Catapult Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Catapult StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Cauldron Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2019   Cauldron StrollerRareHalloween 2019
Clam Stroller - Common from World Oceans Day   Clam StrollerCommonWorld Oceans Day
Cradle Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Cradle StrollerRareGifts
Crate Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Crate StrollerRareGifts
Default Stroller - Common from Starting the Game   Default StrollerCommonStarting the Game
Dog House Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Dog House StrollerRareGifts
Double Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   Double StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Droplet Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   Droplet StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Duck Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Duck StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Easter Egg Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2019   Easter Egg StrollerUltra-RareEaster 2019
Egg Stroller - Rare from Easter 2018   Egg StrollerRareEaster 2018
Flower Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Spring Festival 2020   Flower StrollerUltra-RareSpring Festival 2020
French Fries Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   French Fries StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Half Egg Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2019   Half Egg StrollerUltra-RareEaster 2019
Halloween Black Witch Hat Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2021   Halloween Black Witch Hat StrollerRareHalloween 2021
Hatched Egg Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Hatched Egg StrollerRareGifts
Heart Stroller - Rare from Valentine's 2019   Heart StrollerRareValentine's 2019
High Heel Stroller - Rare from Gifts   High Heel StrollerRareGifts
Hover Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop   Hover StrollerUltra-RareBaby Shop
Ice Cream Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Ice Cream StrollerRareGifts
Kangaroo Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Kangaroo StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Magic Carpet Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   Magic Carpet StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Magic Moon Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   Magic Moon StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Palanquin Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2021   Palanquin StrollerUltra-RareLunar New Year 2021
Pelican Stroller - Rare from Baby Shop   Pelican StrollerRareBaby Shop
Pizza Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Pizza StrollerRareGifts
Popsicle Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Popsicle StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Princess Stroller - Rare from Baby Shop   Princess StrollerRareBaby Shop
Pumpkin Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2020   Pumpkin StrollerRareHalloween 2020
Quad Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Quad StrollerRareGifts
Race Car Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Race Car StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Rainbow Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop   Rainbow StrollerUltra-RareBaby Shop
Reindeer Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019   Reindeer StrollerUltra-RareChristmas 2019
Rocket Ship Stroller - Rare from  Baby Shop   Rocket Ship StrollerRare Baby Shop
Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop   StrollerUncommonBaby Shop
Teacup Stroller - Legendary from Baby Shop   Teacup StrollerLegendaryBaby Shop
Throne Stroller - Rare from Baby Shop   Throne StrollerRareBaby Shop
Trike Stroller - Rare from Gifts   Trike StrollerRareGifts
Triple Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Triple StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Unicorn Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts   Unicorn StrollerUltra-RareGifts
Vampire Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2018   Vampire StrollerRareHalloween 2018
Wheelbarrow Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Campground   Wheelbarrow StrollerUltra-RareCampground

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