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2021 Uplift Butterfly

2021 Uplift Butterfly  - Uncommon from Adopt Me 4th Birthday

OriginAdopt Me 4th Birthday
Items close in value
Rainbow Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop
Magma Greatsword - Common from Campfire Cookie
Tea Party Chair - Ultra-Rare from Royal Tea Party 2022
Spider Grappling Hook - Rare from Halloween 2020
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Steppe Lion - Rare from Winter 2022

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Friend Hat - Rare from Halloween 2021
Australian Kelpie - Rare from Aussie Egg
Water Moon Bear - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2023 (Moon Bear Box)
Zodiac Minion Egg - Legendary from Minion Event 2022
2021 Uplift Butterfly - Uncommon from Adopt Me 4th Birthday
Flame Crown - Common from Campfire Cookie

Basilisk - Rare from Halloween 2022
Halloween White Mummy Cat - Rare from Halloween 2021
Rooster - Ultra-Rare from Farm Theme 2023
Highland Cow - Ultra-Rare from Scottish Pets Update 2023
Halloween Mummy Cat Box - Common from Halloween 2021
Monkey - Rare from Monkey Fairground

Versions2021 Uplift Butterfly
Neon 2021 Uplift Butterfly
Mega Neon 2021 Uplift Butterfly
DescriptionThe 2021 Uplift Butterfly is an Uncommon Pet from Adopt Me 4th Birthday. It is currently worth a little more than the Rainbow Stroller. It is currently about equal in value to the Monkey.
Dream Pet51 users currently have 2021 Uplift Butterfly as their Dream Pet.
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Popularity55 offers for the regular 2021 Uplift Butterfly are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
10 offers for the Neon 2021 Uplift Butterfly are currently active.
9 offers for the Mega Neon 2021 Uplift Butterfly are currently active.
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