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Kitsune  - Legendary from Robux

Items close in value
Bullfrog - Common from Woodland Egg
Snow Plow - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Fossil Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Trireme - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Tundra Exploration Machine - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Dragon - Legendary from Retired Egg

Rib Guitar - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2020
Rhino Beetle - Uncommon from Japan Egg
Tanuki - Uncommon from Japan Egg
Ground Sloth - Common from Fossil Egg
Stingray - Common from Ocean Egg
Tasmanian Tiger - Common from Fossil Egg

Slug - Uncommon from Halloween 2022
Slime - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2023
Halloween Black Ponycycle - Legendary from Halloween 2021
Llama Plush - Common from Gifts
Golden Griffin - Legendary from Golden Egg
2022 Birthday Confetti Cannon - Legendary from Adopt Me 5th Birthday

Rocket Pogo - Rare from Gifts
Cannon Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Evil Chickatrice - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2022
Unicorn Plush - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Horse Plush - Common from Gifts
Wizard Caravan - Legendary from Gifts

Reindeer Plush - Common from Gifts
Golden Egg - Legendary from Star Rewards
Street Racer - Legendary from Influencer Update (Robux)
Throwing Pumpkin - Uncommon from Halloween 2019
Fancy Balloon - Uncommon from Gifts
Red Cardinal - Uncommon from Woodland Egg

Bandicoot - Common from Aussie Egg
Witch Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Dragon Balloon - Uncommon from Gifts
Business Monkey - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground
Tea Party Set - Legendary from Royal Tea Party 2022
Golden Walrus Crown - Legendary from Christmas 2021

Jackhammer - Rare from Gifts
Peacock - Legendary from Robux
Golden Ladybug - Legendary from Diamond Lavender
Ice Grapple - Legendary from Snow Weather Update
Axolotl - Legendary from Robux
Ice Cream Stroller - Rare from Gifts

Robo Dog - Legendary from Robux
Fall Corn Grappling Hook - Legendary from Fall Weather Update
Halloween Golden Mummy Cat - Legendary from Halloween 2021
Glider - Ultra-Rare from Robux
Toy Monkey - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground
Golden Dragon - Legendary from Golden Egg

Scarab Crossbow Grappling Hook - Legendary from Desert Weather Map
Staff Ingredient - Legendary from Monkey Fairground
French Fries Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Kitsune - Legendary from Robux
Tractor - Ultra-Rare from Fall Weather Update
Ghost - Common from Halloween 2023

Floating Hand Stroller - Legendary from Halloween 2023
Lunar Moon Bear - Legendary from Lunar New Year 2023 (Moon Bear Box)
Marshmallow Stand - Ultra-Rare from Camping Kit (Robux)
Noob Balloon - Rare from Gifts
Pumpkin Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2020
Many Mackerel - Ultra-Rare from Summer Festival 2023

Baku - Legendary from Japan Egg
Skull Drum - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2020
Anna Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Chocolate - Common from Sweet Street 2018
Evil Rock - Rare from Halloween 2023 (Robux)
Giant Snowball - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022

Cassette - Rare from Hat Shop
Creepy Balloon - Common from Halloween 2019
Chocolate Twist - Common from Sweet Street 2018
Wood Pigeon - Ultra-Rare from Spring Fest 2023
Orchid Racer - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards Refresh
Skeleton Pogo Stick - Uncommon from Halloween 2019

Unicorn Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Ribcage Carriage - Legendary from Halloween 2020
Nightmare Owl - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2023
Maneki-Neko - Legendary from Japan Egg
Snowflake Ornament - Uncommon from Christmas 2019
Axe Rattle - Uncommon from Halloween 2019

Chocolate Drop - Common from Sweet Street 2018
Ice Tub - Common from Sweet Street 2018
Banana Pogo - Uncommon from Gifts
Inflatable Sword - Uncommon from Gifts
Cookie - Common from Coffee Shop
Race Car Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Dandelion Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Spring Festival 2020
Neon Kitsune
Mega Neon Kitsune
DescriptionThe Kitsune is a Legendary Pet from Robux. It is currently worth a little more than the Fancy Balloon. It is currently worth a little less than the Dandelion Propeller. It is currently about equal in value to the Tractor.
Dream Pet139 users currently have Kitsune as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity117 offers for the regular Kitsune are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
188 offers for the Neon Kitsune are currently active.
74 offers for the Mega Neon Kitsune are currently active.
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