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Cute-A-Cabra  - Uncommon from Halloween 2023

OriginHalloween 2023
Items close in value
Persian Cat - Ultra-Rare from Puss in Boots
Skis - Common from Hat Shop
Cinnamon Stick - Common from Fall Weather Update
Purple Heart Glasses - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Easter Chick Rattle - Rare from Easter 2024
Cactus Friend Hat - Rare from Accessory Chest

Chef Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Golden Maned Unicorn Rattle - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop
Toy Delivery Truck - Uncommon from Redemption Kiosk
Magical Staff - Rare from Accessory Chest
Snowflake Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2023
Gold Ingot - Common from Lunar New Year 2022

Pet Egg - Rare from Nursery
Gull Wings - Uncommon from Standard Wing Chest
Halloween White Ghost Balloon - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Lantern Earrings - Uncommon from Lunar New Year 2023
Eco Green Leaf Afro - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Natural Wings - Uncommon from Standard Wing Chest

Silver Chain - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Orangutan - Rare from Regular Egg
Festive Tree Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Mahi Mahi - Uncommon from Mahi Spinning Rod
Plunger Grappling Hook - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Hanbok - Rare from Lunar New Year Gift Boxes

Crystal Necklace - Rare from Accessory Chest
Dolphin - Uncommon from Ocean Egg
Frostclaw Plush - Legendary from Winter 2023
Back Taco - Rare from Accessory Chest
Raccoon - Uncommon from September 2023
RGB Collar - Common from RGB Reward Box

Shiba Inu - Ultra-Rare from Retired Egg
Honey Dipper Rattle - Ultra-Rare from Spring Fest 2023
Eco Orange Maple Leaf Mustache - Common from Hat Shop
Ghost Hat - Rare from Halloween 2022
Ski Goggles - Common from Hat Shop
Parakeet - Rare from Regular Egg

Ninja Headband - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Dimorphodon Fossil - Legendary from Fossil Isle 2024
Large Bow - Rare from Accessory Chest
Brown Cozy Hood - Common from Hat Shop
Cure All Potion - Rare from Christmas 2019
Stocking Stroller - Rare from Winter 2023

Guitar Case - Rare from Accessory Chest
Scarecrow - Uncommon from Halloween 2023
Lunar Tiger - Rare from Lunar New Year 2022 (Lunar Tiger Box)
Tasmanian Tiger - Common from Fossil Egg
Tulip Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Spring Fest 2023
Halloween Black Bat Propeller - Uncommon from Halloween 2021

Strawberry Shortcake Unicycle - Uncommon from Winter 2022
White Cozy Hood - Uncommon from Hat Shop
2022 Birthday Party Horn - Rare from Adopt Me 5th Birthday
Red & Yellow Beads - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Snowflake Throwing Disc - Uncommon from Snow Weather Update
Clear Glasses - Common from Hat Shop

Holiday Breadstick Chew Toy - Uncommon from Christmas 2020
Lunar New Year Gift Box - Common from Lunar New Year 2024
Battle Axe - Rare from Accessory Chest
Ugly Holiday Cape - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2023
Bullfrog - Common from Woodland Egg
Stingray - Common from Ocean Egg

Pineapple Plush - Ultra-Rare from Summer Festival 2023
Crook Throw Toy - Uncommon from Desert Weather Map
Red Panda - Ultra-Rare from Retired Egg
Banana Tree Pogo Stick - Rare from Gorilla Box
Eco Green Vine Barrette - Common from Hat Shop
Bat Wing Balloon - Uncommon from Halloween 2022

Sketchbook - Common from Hat Shop
Zebra - Rare from Regular Egg
Wolpertinger - Common from Mythic Egg
Flower Hair - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2024
Bee Hive - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Flower Aura - Rare from Accessory Chest

Crab - Uncommon from Ocean Egg
Arctic Hare - Uncommon from Hare Box
Fantasy Blade - Rare from Accessory Chest
Cute-A-Cabra - Uncommon from Halloween 2023
RGB Sword Rattle - Common from RGB Reward Box
Ground Sloth - Common from Fossil Egg

Flower Wreath Pin - Rare from Spring Fest 2023
Halloween Black Victorian Candlestick Rattle - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Neon Cute-A-Cabra
Mega Neon Cute-A-Cabra
DescriptionThe Cute-A-Cabra is an Uncommon Pet from Halloween 2023. It is currently about equal in value to the Halloween Black Victorian Candlestick Rattle.
Dream Pet6 users currently have Cute-A-Cabra as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity42 offers for the regular Cute-A-Cabra are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
10 offers for the Neon Cute-A-Cabra are currently active.
6 offers for the Mega Neon Cute-A-Cabra are currently active.
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