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Kiwi  - Rare from September 2023

OriginSeptember 2023
Items close in value
Otter - Common from Retired Egg
Buffalo - Common from Retired Egg
Gingerbread Reindeer - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022
Halloween Blue Scorpion - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Goth Shoes - Rare from Hat Shop
Jester Hat - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest

Pink Cat Balloon - Rare from Gifts
Cherry Earrings - Rare from Hat Shop
Sunglasses - Common from Hat Shop
Rubber Bone Throw Toy - Common from Pet Shop
Red Panda Cupcake Chew Toy - Uncommon from Star Rewards Refresh
Sketchbook - Common from Hat Shop

Christmas Star Frisbee - Uncommon from Christmas 2019
Red Necktie - Common from Hat Shop
Throne Stroller - Rare from Baby Shop
Scarecrow Cat - Ultra-Rare from Scarecrow Box
Sack of Cash - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Kiwi - Rare from September 2023

Gingerbread Heart Flying Disc - Uncommon from Christmas 2021
Pink Instant Camera - Rare from Hat Shop
Paint Sealer - Legendary from Salon Update 2023 (Robux)
Halloween White Skull Hat - Rare from Halloween 2021
Morion - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Viking Shield - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest

Eco Brown Hiking Backpack - Rare from Hat Shop
Hydra - Ultra-Rare from Mythic Egg
Aviator Hat - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
White Purse - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Snowman Plush - Common from Gifts
Japan Egg - Legendary from Nursery

Spring Glasses - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Eyeball Rattle - Common from Halloween 2020
Red Sneakers - Common from Hat Shop
Candy Cane Ornament - Common from Christmas 2019
Zodiac Minion Chick - Legendary from Zodiac Minion Egg
Purple Masquerade Mask - Rare from Hat Shop

Ginger Cat - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards
Meteor Plush - Common from Campfire Cookie
Mandarin's Hat - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2022
Flame Balloon - Uncommon from Campfire Cookie
Halloween Black Witch Hat Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2021
Orange Glasses - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Pony Box - Legendary from Winter 2022
Eco Orange Pumpkin Eyepatch - Rare from Hat Shop
Golden Headset - Rare from Hat Shop
Curved Bow - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Plant Powered Roller Skates - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Chef Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Striped Necktie - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Panda Frisbee - Uncommon from Gifts
Froggy Stroller - Rare from Star Rewards Refresh
Silver Chain - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Christmas Ball Ornament - Common from Christmas 2019
Red Masquerade Mask - Rare from Hat Shop

Witch's Caravan - Legendary from Star Rewards
Eel - Uncommon from September 2023
Bionic Arms - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Molten Melon - Rare from Campfire Cookie
Festive Ice Skates - Rare from Christmas 2020
Pink Bowtie - Common from Hat Shop

Goldfish - Rare from Pool Store 2023 Update
Halloween Black Mummy Cat - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Lavender Scarf - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Rubber Ducks - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Galaxy Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Egg Glasses - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2021

Traffic Cone - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Snowflake Frisbee - Rare from Christmas 2019
Mermaid Propeller - Rare from Star Rewards Refresh
Ski Goggles - Common from Hat Shop
Donut Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Red Purse - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Candle - Common from Christmas 2019
Gold Coin Monocle - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Ladybug - Ultra-Rare from Diamond Lavender
Flame Grappling Hook - Common from Campfire Cookie
Gingerbread Face Flying Disc - Uncommon from Christmas 2021
Purple & Green Beads - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Chipmunk - Rare from September 2023
Halloween Grey Gravestone Backpack - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Orange Backpack - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Winged Cap - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Eco Red Cranberry Branch Wings - Rare from Hat Shop
Flower Crown - Rare from Hat Shop

Banana Hat - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Yellow Beanie - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Sunflower Rattle - Common from Spring Festival 2020
Strawberry Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Ice Club Rattle - Uncommon from Christmas 2019
Retired Egg - Rare from VIP Room

Sailor Cap - Rare from Hat Shop
Carrot Rattle - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Rain Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Dingo - Uncommon from Aussie Egg
Flame Pogostick - Common from Campfire Cookie
Cowboy Saddle - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest

Magma Throwing Disc - Uncommon from Campfire Cookie
Galaxy Explorer Helmet - Legendary from Sing 2 Event
Pearl Necklace - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Neon Kiwi
Mega Neon Kiwi
DescriptionThe Kiwi is a Rare Pet from September 2023. It is currently about equal in value to the Pearl Necklace.
Dream Pet1 users currently have Kiwi as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity37 offers for the regular Kiwi are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
92 offers for the Neon Kiwi are currently active.
12 offers for the Mega Neon Kiwi are currently active.
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