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Mule  - Rare from Halloween 2022

OriginHalloween 2022
Items close in value
Unicorn Horn - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Crown Frisbee - Rare from Gifts
Pink Boots - Rare from Hat Shop
Halloween Green Zombie Bat Wings - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2021
Rat - Rare from Lunar New Year 2020 (Rat Box)
Gold Circle Glasses - Uncommon from Robux (Hat Shop)

White Designer Backpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Bunny Ear Tiara - Legendary from Easter 2021
Scythe - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Santa Leash - Common from Christmas 2019
Magpie Wings - Ultra-Rare from Regal Wing Chest
Founder's Key Throw Toy - Uncommon from Sunken Ship

Pink Lotus - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Festive Top Hat - Uncommon from Christmas 2021
Palanquin Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2021
Luggage - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Wool Beard - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Fancy Top Hat - Rare from Hat Shop

Spike Collar - Rare from Hat Shop
Bewitched Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Lemonade Stand - Ultra-Rare from Robux
Rain Boots - Rare from Hat Shop
Albatross - Ultra-Rare from Golden Clam
Discosplosion - Ultra-Rare from Robux

Pink Butterfly Wings - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Husky - Rare from Christmas 2021
Musk Ox - Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
Headband - Common from Hat Shop
White Visor - Common from Hat Shop
Chick Hat - Rare from Easter 2021

Shadow Aura - Rare from Hat Shop
Sleigh Bells Rattle - Rare from Christmas 2019
Mule - Rare from Halloween 2022
Grappling Hook - Ultra-Rare from Toy Shop
Pirate Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Premium Camping Tent - Ultra-Rare from Camping Kit (Robux)

Bubblegum Machine Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Marching Band Cap - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Eco Brown Earth-Wizard Hat - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
First Aid Bag - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Striped Tophat - Common from Hat Shop
Black Designer Backpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Polar Bear Plush - Common from Gifts
Reindeer Antlers - Rare from Hat Shop
King Penguin - Ultra-Rare from Ice Cream Shop Update
Elf Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Pink Cat Ear Headphones - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Walrus Box - Legendary from Christmas 2021

Robin - Common from Christmas 2019 (Christmas Egg)
Jetpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
White Winter Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Conductor Hat - Uncommon from Pet Wear
Shark Fin - Rare from Hat Shop
Top Hat Frisbee - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019

Ice Pick Grappling Hook - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019
Propeller Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Premium Fire Pit - Ultra-Rare from Camping Kit (Robux)
Cookie Frisbee - Uncommon from Gifts
Pink 5 Panel Cap - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Eco Orange Pumpkin Pie Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Lynx - Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
Flamenco Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Turtle Shell - Rare from Hat Shop
Black Fedora - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Respectful Mustache - Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Reindeer Leash - Rare from Christmas 2019

Brown-Chested Pheasant - Ultra-Rare from Golden Wheat
Flower Rattle - Common from Gifts
Pink Heart Glasses - Rare from Hat Shop
Gift Stack Pogo Stick - Rare from Christmas 2021
Daisy Unicycle - Rare from Spring Festival 2020
Leprechaun Hat - Rare from Hat Shop

Windup Key - Rare from Hat Shop
Cowboy Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Socks & Sandals - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Adventurer's Hood - Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Kangaroo Pogo - Rare from Gifts
Purple Rose - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Neon Mule
Mega Neon Mule
DescriptionThe Mule is a Rare Pet from Halloween 2022. It is currently about equal in value to the Purple Rose.
Dream Pet0 users currently have Mule as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity266 offers for the regular Mule are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
135 offers for the Neon Mule are currently active.
30 offers for the Mega Neon Mule are currently active.
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