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Fossil Egg

Fossil Egg  - Legendary from Nursery

Items close in value
Octopus Plush - Uncommon from Gifts
Flowery Hair Bow - Rare from Hat Shop
Froggy Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Dog House Stroller - Rare from Gifts
Fennec Fox - Uncommon from Retired Egg
Puma - Uncommon from Retired Egg

Snow Cat - Uncommon from Retired Egg
Chocolate Labrador - Uncommon from Retired Egg
Bunny Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2019
Knitted Pumpkin Hat - Ultra-Rare from Fall Weather Update
Glass Skateboard - Uncommon from Gifts
Wizard Hat - Rare from Hat Shop

Fossil Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Jade Moth Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Detective Hat - Common from Scoob Event
Gift Throw Toy - Common from Christmas 2019
Melon Skateboard - Rare from Gifts
Classic Boat - Common from Vehicle Dealership

Doge Scooter - Rare from Gifts
Shuriken - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Albino Bat - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2020 (Bat Box)
Green Lotus - Rare from Hat Shop
Sock Chew Toy - Common from Christmas 2019
Kangaroo Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Hovercraft - Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards Refresh
Glass Snowboard - Uncommon from Gifts
St Bernard - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2021
Banana Car - Legendary from Gifts
Jeff's Name Tag - Rare from Hat Shop
Festive Tree Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Griffin Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Wood Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts
Cosy Snow Hat - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Donut Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Sun & Moon Earrings - Rare from Hat Shop
Frog - Ultra-Rare from Aussie Egg

Ice Crown - Rare from Christmas 2020
Turkey Plush - Uncommon from Thanksgiving 2019
Christmas Doge Rattle - Common from Christmas 2017
Hovercar - Legendary from Gifts
Festive Bells Balloon - Rare from Christmas 2021
Choo Choo Train - Legendary from Gifts

Ninja Headband - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Gold Chain - Rare from Hat Shop
Hotdog Stand - Ultra-Rare from Robux
Bat Box - Rare from Halloween 2020
Ice Cream Cone Hat - Legendary from Golden Goldfish Compensation
Glass Scooter - Uncommon from Gifts

Watermelon Backpack - Rare from Hat Shop
Koala - Ultra-Rare from Aussie Egg
Ice Earrings - Rare from Christmas 2020
Cassette - Rare from Hat Shop
Donut Throw Toy - Ultra-Rare from Pet Shop
Lunar Muscle Car - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2021

Nemes - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Clown Car - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground
Shadow Shuriken - Rare from Hat Shop
Metal Ox - Legendary from Lunar New Year 2021 (Ox Box)
Gold Tiara - Uncommon from Hat Shop (Robux)
Monkey Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground

Head Tie - Rare from Monkey Fairground
Adventurer's Sword - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Chocolate Bunny Balloon - Rare from Easter 2019
Royal Corgi - Ultra-Rare from Royal Tea Party 2022
Patterns Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Rose - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Prince Carriage - Legendary from Robux
Fez Hat - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground
Marsh Plush - Common from Gifts
Banana Plush - Uncommon from Gifts
Giant Black Scarab - Ultra-Rare from Mud Ball
Squirrel Car - Legendary from Gifts

Leaf Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Bat Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Croc Plush - Common from Gifts
Demon Wings - Legendary from Standard Wing Chest
Stripes Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Sun Tome - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Princess Carriage - Legendary from Robux
Firey Aura - Rare from Hat Shop
Star & Moon Propeller - Rare from Halloween 2020
Caticorn Rattle - Common from Gifts
Black Springer Spaniel - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2022
Diamond Lavender - Legendary from Robux

Moon Tome - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Axel - Legendary from Robux
Black Hightops - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Elephant Plush - Common from Gifts
Regal Wing Chest - Legendary from Sky Castle (Robux)
Balloon - Rare from Gifts

Watermelon Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Royal Carriage - Legendary from Robux
Handheld - Rare from Pet Shop
Telescope Pogo - Rare from Gifts
Cat Plush - Common from Gifts
Space Whale - Ultra-Rare from Spacehome Update 2022

Honey - Legendary from Robux
Pirate Hat & Friend - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Douglas - Legendary from Robux
Buzz Off! Skateboard - Rare from Hat Shop
Football Pet Toy - Rare from Pet Shop
Balloons - Uncommon from Gifts

Zamboni - Ultra-Rare from Special
Sled - Rare from Christmas 2019
DescriptionThe Fossil Egg is a Legendary Pet from Nursery. It is currently worth a little more than the Dog House Stroller. It is currently worth a little less than the Sled. It is currently about equal in value to the Monkey Propeller.
Dream Pet0 users currently have Fossil Egg as their Dream Pet.
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Popularity40 offers for the regular Fossil Egg are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
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