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Brown-Chested Pheasant

Brown-Chested Pheasant  - Ultra-Rare from Golden Wheat

OriginGolden Wheat
Items close in value
Old Sail Boat - Rare from Rain Weather Update
Premium Camping Tent - Ultra-Rare from Camping Kit (Robux)
Jetpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Robin - Common from Christmas 2019 (Christmas Egg)
Eco Orange Pumpkin Pie Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Mythic Egg - Legendary from Nursery

White Visor - Common from Hat Shop
Bunny Ear Tiara - Legendary from Easter 2021
Socks & Sandals - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Top Hat Frisbee - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019
Lemonade Stand - Ultra-Rare from Robux
Reindeer Antlers - Rare from Hat Shop

Magma Snail - Ultra-Rare from Campfire Cookie
Unicorn Zombie Ponycycle - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2022
Pink Lotus - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Flower Rattle - Common from Gifts
Gold Star - Ultra-Rare from Gorilla Box
Albatross - Ultra-Rare from Golden Clam

Luggage - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Bubblegum Machine Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Walrus Box - Legendary from Christmas 2021
Flamenco Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Rat - Rare from Lunar New Year 2020 (Rat Box)
Windup Key - Rare from Hat Shop

Conductor Hat - Uncommon from Pet Wear
Striped Tophat - Common from Hat Shop
Bewitched Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Reindeer Leash - Rare from Christmas 2019
Scythe - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Grappling Hook - Ultra-Rare from Toy Shop

Nutcracker Squirrel - Rare from Winter 2023
Propeller Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Flower Monocle - Legendary from Spring Fest 2023
Tan Chow-Chow - Ultra-Rare from Golden Bone
Pink 5 Panel Cap - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Crown Frisbee - Rare from Gifts

Lunar Lantern - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2023
Festive Top Hat - Uncommon from Christmas 2021
Headband - Common from Hat Shop
Penguin - Ultra-Rare from Golden Goldfish
Eco Brown Earth-Wizard Hat - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Fancy Top Hat - Rare from Hat Shop

White Designer Backpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Black Fedora - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Shark Fin - Rare from Hat Shop
Sleigh Bells Rattle - Rare from Christmas 2019
Kangaroo Pogo - Rare from Gifts
Rain Boots - Rare from Hat Shop

Beachgoer - Rare from Summer Festival 2023
Magpie Wings - Ultra-Rare from Regal Wing Chest
Pink Butterfly Wings - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Elf Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Camping Van - Ultra-Rare from Camping Shop Refresh 2023
Premium Fire Pit - Ultra-Rare from Camping Kit (Robux)

Leprechaun Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Daisy Unicycle - Rare from Spring Festival 2020
Halloween Black Axe Guitar Accessory - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2021
First Aid Bag - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Lynx - Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
White Winter Hat - Common from Hat Shop

Chick Hat - Rare from Easter 2021
Spike Collar - Rare from Hat Shop
Adventurer's Hood - Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Polar Bear Plush - Common from Gifts
Respectful Mustache - Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Undead Elk - Rare from Halloween 2023

Pirate Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Founder's Key Throw Toy - Uncommon from Sunken Ship
Bumper Car - Ultra-Rare from Gorilla Box
King Penguin - Ultra-Rare from Ice Cream Shop Update
Marching Band Cap - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Cookie Frisbee - Uncommon from Gifts

Irish Elk - Rare from Winter 2022
Gift Stack Pogo Stick - Rare from Christmas 2021
Gold Circle Glasses - Uncommon from Robux (Hat Shop)
Musk Ox - Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
Wool Beard - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Cowboy Hat - Common from Hat Shop

Turtle Shell - Rare from Hat Shop
Black Designer Backpack - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Santa Leash - Common from Christmas 2019
Shadow Aura - Rare from Hat Shop
Ice Pick Grappling Hook - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019
Purple Rose - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Fairy Wings - Rare from Regal Wing Chest
Brown-Chested Pheasant - Ultra-Rare from Golden Wheat
Pink Boots - Rare from Hat Shop
Discosplosion - Ultra-Rare from Robux
VersionsBrown-Chested Pheasant
Neon Brown-Chested Pheasant
Mega Neon Brown-Chested Pheasant
DescriptionThe Brown-Chested Pheasant is an Ultra-Rare Pet from Golden Wheat. It is currently about equal in value to the Discosplosion.
Dream Pet2 users currently have Brown-Chested Pheasant as their Dream Pet.
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Popularity41 offers for the regular Brown-Chested Pheasant are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
11 offers for the Neon Brown-Chested Pheasant are currently active.
3 offers for the Mega Neon Brown-Chested Pheasant are currently active.
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