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Swordfish  - Ultra-Rare from Regular Egg

OriginRegular Egg
Items close in value
Lucky Coin Necklace - Rare from Lunar New Year 2023
Heart Balloon - Common from Toy Shop
Crystal Ball Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2022
Wheelbarrow Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Campground
Corgi - Ultra-Rare from Regular Egg
Surfboard - Rare from Pool Store

Inmate Cap - Uncommon from Inmate Capuchin Monkey
Futuristic Unicycle - Rare from Gifts
Flame Grappling Hook - Common from Campfire Cookie
Bat Key Pogo Stick - Rare from Gifts
Pterodactyl - Rare from Fossil Egg
Dylan - Uncommon from Wrapped Doll

RGB Phone Throw Toy - Rare from RGB Reward Box
Eggnog Hare - Rare from Hare Box
UFO Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Eco Black Tree Motif Cap - Common from Hat Shop
Ocelot - Rare from Rain Weather Update
Sasquatch - Rare from Mythic Egg

Bloodhound - Rare from UGC Pet Refresh January 2023
Astro Ball - Ultra-Rare from Pet Shop
2022 Birthday Party Hat - Rare from Adopt Me 5th Birthday
Massive Gift - Legendary from Gifts
Spring Bunny Leash - Uncommon from Easter 2022
Preppy Sweater - Uncommon from Preppy Capuchin Monkey

Multi-Bike - Common from Car Showroom
Flame Pogostick - Common from Campfire Cookie
Desert Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Glyptodon - Uncommon from Fossil Egg
Pistachio - Uncommon from Wrapped Doll
Bench - Uncommon from Camping Store

Castle Hermit Crab - Rare from Hermit Crab Box
Cactus Balloon - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Party Surfboard - Rare from Pool Store 2023 Update
Hoop Earrings - Uncommon from Pet Shop
Amami Rabbit - Uncommon from Lunar New Year 2023
Frostbite Grapple - Rare from Star Rewards

Slug - Uncommon from Halloween 2022
Hover Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Baby Shop
Swordfish - Ultra-Rare from Regular Egg
Garden Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Pizza Unicycle - Rare from Gifts
Pea Pod Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Hot Air Balloon - Ultra-Rare from Capuchin Boxes
Triceratops - Uncommon from Fossil Egg
Magma Throwing Disc - Uncommon from Campfire Cookie
Woodpecker - Rare from Woodland Egg
Wrapped Doll - Legendary from Adopt a Doll Update
RGB Headset - Uncommon from RGB Reward Box

Festive Wreath Cruiser - Uncommon from Winter 2023
Dilophosaurus - Rare from Fossil Egg
Modern Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Eco Brown Wooden Clogs - Common from Hat Shop
Frogspawn - Uncommon from Meme Pets Update 2023
Aviators - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Ghost Wolf - Rare from Halloween 2022 (Wolf Box)
Airplane Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Robot - Ultra-Rare from Regular Egg
Translucent Tea Potion - Rare from Sky Castle
Royal Capuchin Saber Pin - Uncommon from Royal Capuchin Monkey
Motorcycle - Common from Car Showroom

Meteor Plush - Common from Campfire Cookie
Spring Bunny Feet - Common from Easter 2022
Woolly Mammoth - Rare from Fossil Egg
River - Uncommon from Wrapped Doll
Red Envelope - Uncommon from Lunar New Year 2022
Candy Camper - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2023 (Advent Calendar)

Ukulele - Legendary from Summer Festival 2023
Eco Red Apple Basket Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Camper's Sleeping Bag - Uncommon from Camping Shop Refresh 2023
Merhorse - Rare from Mythic Egg
Black Moon Bear - Rare from Lunar New Year 2023 (Moon Bear Box)
Didgeridoo - Rare from Star Rewards

Standard Wing Chest - Legendary from Sky Castle
Catapult Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Snow Balloon - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Turtle Sticker - Ultra-Rare from Premium Sticker Pack
Offroader - Rare from Car Showroom
Canada Goose - Uncommon from Farm Theme 2023

Dotted Eggy - Rare from Easter Eggy Box
Stegosaurus - Uncommon from Fossil Egg
Flame Balloon - Uncommon from Campfire Cookie
Red Fox - Rare from Woodland Egg
Hermit Crab Box - Legendary from Summer Festival 2023
RGB Stroller - Uncommon from RGB Reward Box

Robo Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts
Bandicoot - Common from Aussie Egg
Carousel Propeller - Ultra-Rare from Gorilla Box
Magical Princess Chew Toy - Uncommon from Gifts
Neon Swordfish
Mega Neon Swordfish
DescriptionThe Swordfish is an Ultra-Rare Pet from Regular Egg. It is currently about equal in value to the Magical Princess Chew Toy.
Dream Pet1 users currently have Swordfish as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity6 offers for the regular Swordfish are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
4 offers for the Neon Swordfish are currently active.
0 offers for the Mega Neon Swordfish are currently active.
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