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Buffalo  - Common from Regular Egg

OriginRegular Egg
Items close in value
Dog - Common from Regular Egg
Snowflake Badge - Common from Snow Weather Update
Steel Drum - Uncommon from Star Rewards
Raw Bone - Common from Pet Shop
Floppy Bunny Plushie - Common from Toy Shop
Small Gift - Common from Gifts

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Balloon - Common from Halloween 2021
Squeaky Spikey - Uncommon from Pet Shop
Plate of Food Disc - Uncommon from Gifts
Bongos - Uncommon from Campground
Otter - Common from Regular Egg
Sun Balloon - Common from Gifts

Shoe Chew Toy - Uncommon from Pet Shop
Huggable Pillow - Common from Gifts
Default Stroller - Common from Starting the Game
Buffalo - Common from Regular Egg
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Flying Disc - Common from Halloween 2021
Standard_Pogo - Common from Toy Shop

Pool Noodle - Common from Pool Store
Celestial Leash - Common from Gifts
Anti-Gravity Potion - Uncommon from Sky Castle
Tennis Ball - Uncommon from Pet Shop
Soda Chew Toy - Common from Gifts
Lazy Float - Common from Pool Store

Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop
Cat - Common from Regular Egg
Bicycle - Common from Vehicle Dealership
Star Balloon - Common from Toy Shop
Princess Rattle - Uncommon from Gifts
Floaties - Common from Pool Store

Seaweed - Common from World Oceans Day
Mooncake - Common from Near Bridge
Squeaky Bone - Common from Pet Shop
Musical Conch - Common from World Oceans Day
Banana Rattle - Common from Baby Shop
Neon Buffalo
Mega Neon Buffalo
DescriptionThe Buffalo is a Common Pet from Regular Egg. It is currently about equal in value to the Banana Rattle.
Dream Pet13 users currently have Buffalo as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity6 offers for the regular Buffalo are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
14 offers for the Neon Buffalo are currently active.
6 offers for the Mega Neon Buffalo are currently active.
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