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Ribbon Seal

Ribbon Seal  - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map

OriginDesert Weather Map
Items close in value
Modern Jetpack - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Bat - Uncommon from Halloween 2020 (Bat Box)
Pocket Protector - Common from Hat Shop
Abyssinian Cat - Rare from Desert Weather Map
Flower Collar - Rare from Hat Shop
Pickle Elf Chew Toy - Uncommon from Christmas 2021

Black Boots - Rare from Hat Shop
Eco Orange Maple Leaf Scarf - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Cookie Dough Plush - Common from Christmas 2019
Ruff - Uncommon from Robux (Hat Shop)
Ribbon Seal - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Double Stroller - Uncommon from Baby Shop

Egg Basket Stroller - Rare from Easter 2022
Nautilus Shell Necklace - Uncommon from Fossil
Egyptian Chariot Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Cyborg Shades - Rare from Hat Shop
Eco Blue Recycling Bin Hat - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Turkey Leg - Common from Gifts

Cactus Grappling Hook - Rare from Gifts
Bone Xylophone - Rare from Fossil Isle Excavation
Clan Banner - Ultra-Rare from Accessory Chest
Clownfish - Ultra-Rare from Ocean Egg
Prescription Glasses - Common from Hat Shop
Dirt Bike Unicycle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Forgotten Flower - Ultra-Rare from Fossil Isle Excavation
Icicle Pogo Stick - Rare from Christmas 2021
Black Cozy Hood - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Eco Orange Maple Earrings - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Flying Disc Umbrella - Common from Gifts
Vampire Cape - Common from Hat Shop

Rocket Ship Stroller - Rare from  Baby Shop
Three Egg Basket - Rare from Easter 2022
Bee - Ultra-Rare from Honey
Neckerchief - Common from Hat Shop
Sun Wings - Ultra-Rare from Desert Weather Map
Egg Barrette - Uncommon from Easter 2021

Eco Blue Solar Panel Backpack - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Bear Winter Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Eco Glowing Lightbulb Necklace - Common from Hat Shop
Bunny Plush - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Snow Mobile Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Camper Van - Rare from Car Showroom

Red Bowtie - Common from Hat Shop
Off-Road Car - Rare from Vehicle Dealership
Headset - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Festive Snow Globe Rattle - Uncommon from Christmas 2021
Brown Cozy Hood - Common from Hat Shop
Eco Green Leaf Afro - Uncommon from Hat Shop

Hypnotic Frisbee - Uncommon from Monkey Fairground
Yellow Sneakers - Common from Hat Shop
Teacup Stroller - Legendary from Baby Shop
Carrot Pogo Stick - Rare from Easter 2022
Snowman - Uncommon from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
Pink Hightops - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)

Mandarin's Hat - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2022
Mythic Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Halloween Black Mummy Cat - Uncommon from Halloween 2021
Black 5 Panel Cap - Uncommon from Pet Shop
Eco Green Leaf Glasses - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Clown Umbrella - Uncommon from Monkey Fairground

Snow Cloud Wings - Ultra-Rare from Snow Weather Update
Cotton Candy - Common from Monkey Fairground
Red Collar - Common from Hat Shop
Rock - Uncommon from April Fools Day 2022
Monocle - Rare from Hat Shop
Festive Stocking Shoes - Rare from Christmas 2021

Buttoned Ushanka - Common from Hat Shop
Eco Orange Leaf Wings - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Ice Cream Plush - Uncommon from Gifts
Magical Princess Leash - Rare from Gifts
Bone Throw Toy - Uncommon from Pet Shop
VersionsRibbon Seal
Neon Ribbon Seal
Mega Neon Ribbon Seal
DescriptionThe Ribbon Seal is an Ultra-Rare Pet from Desert Weather Map. It is currently about equal in value to the Bone Throw Toy.
Dream Pet1 users currently have Ribbon Seal as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity40 offers for the regular Ribbon Seal are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
44 offers for the Neon Ribbon Seal are currently active.
11 offers for the Mega Neon Ribbon Seal are currently active.
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