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Brown Springer Spaniel

Brown Springer Spaniel  - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2022

OriginEaster 2022
Items close in value
Giant Black Scarab - Ultra-Rare from Mud Ball
Squirrel Car - Legendary from Gifts
Pirate Hat & Friend - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)
Lunar Muscle Car - Ultra-Rare from Lunar New Year 2021
Firey Aura - Rare from Hat Shop
Adventurer's Sword - Ultra-Rare from Robux (Hat Shop)

Elephant Plush - Common from Gifts
Headband from Karate Gorilla - Ultra-Rare from Karate Gorilla
Banana Plush - Uncommon from Gifts
Space Whale - Ultra-Rare from Spacehome Update 2022
Honey - Legendary from Robux
Sun Tome - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop

Princess Carriage - Legendary from Robux
Head Tie - Rare from Monkey Fairground
Ocean Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Black Hightops - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Marsh Plush - Common from Gifts
Cat Plush - Common from Gifts

Regal Wing Chest - Legendary from Sky Castle (Robux)
Stripes Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Zamboni - Ultra-Rare from Special
Sled - Rare from Christmas 2019
Moon Tome - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Douglas - Legendary from Robux

Fez Hat - Ultra-Rare from Monkey Fairground
Telescope Pogo - Rare from Gifts
Croc Plush - Common from Gifts
Paint Roller Truck - Legendary from Salon Update 2023
Balloons - Uncommon from Gifts
Black Springer Spaniel - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2022

Diamond Lavender - Legendary from Robux
Rose - Uncommon from Hat Shop
Prince Carriage - Legendary from Robux
Handheld - Rare from Pet Shop
Bat Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Football Pet Toy - Rare from Pet Shop

Chef Hat from Chef Gorilla - Ultra-Rare from Chef Gorilla
Caticorn Rattle - Common from Gifts
Royal Corgi - Ultra-Rare from Royal Tea Party 2022
Patterns Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Watermelon Hat - Common from Hat Shop
Royal Carriage - Legendary from Robux

Leaf Wings - Ultra-Rare from Hat Shop
Axel - Legendary from Robux
Buzz Off! Skateboard - Rare from Hat Shop
Star & Moon Propeller - Rare from Halloween 2020
Chocolate Bunny Balloon - Rare from Easter 2019
Daisymobile - Ultra-Rare from Spring Fest 2023

Balloon - Rare from Gifts
Dugong - Common from Japan Egg
Sado Mole - Common from Japan Egg
Festive Holly Propeller - Rare from Christmas 2021
Magical Girl Car - Legendary from Robux
Heart Plushie - Common from Valentine's 2018

Hatched Egg Stroller - Rare from Gifts
Imagination Box - Legendary from Gifts
Classic Helicopter - Common from Vehicle Dealership
Cutlass - Rare from Robux
Marsh Balloon - Rare from Gifts
Bauble Balloon - Common from Christmas 2019

Cobra - Legendary from Robux
Unstable Triangle Car - Ultra-Rare from November 2022
Cerberus - Legendary from Halloween 2020 (Robux)
Halloween Black Ponycycle - Legendary from Halloween 2021
Puppy Plush - Common from Gifts
Duck Balloon - Rare from Gifts

Half Egg Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2019
Dino Truck - Legendary from Gifts
Lunar Gold Tiger - Legendary from Lunar New Year 2022 (Lunar Tiger Box)
Chicken Hat - Rare from Hat Shop
Magic Door - Ultra-Rare from Robux
Popsicle Stroller - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Stars Egg - Uncommon from Easter 2019
Evil Basilisk - Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2022
Brown Springer Spaniel - Ultra-Rare from Easter 2022
Magnifying Glass - Common from Scoob Event
Monkey Pogo - Rare from Monkey Fairground
Candy Cane Pogo Stick - Uncommon from Christmas 2019

Cauldron Stroller - Rare from Halloween 2019
Ram - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022
Wolf - Uncommon from Christmas 2019 (Christmas Egg)
Ice Wings - Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2020
Hoverboard - Legendary from Gifts
Money Rattle - Ultra-Rare from Gifts

Speedboat - Rare from Boats Update 2021
Fossil Egg - Legendary from Nursery
Snowblower Toboggan - Ultra-Rare from Winter 2022
Ice Cream Truck - Legendary from Robux
Bubble Car - Legendary from Robux
VersionsBrown Springer Spaniel
Neon Brown Springer Spaniel
Mega Neon Brown Springer Spaniel
DescriptionThe Brown Springer Spaniel is an Ultra-Rare Pet from Easter 2022. It is currently worth a little more than the Balloon. It is currently worth a little less than the Bubble Car. It is currently about equal in value to the Wolf.
Dream Pet5 users currently have Brown Springer Spaniel as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity54 offers for the regular Brown Springer Spaniel are currently active on AdoptMeTradingValues.com.
50 offers for the Neon Brown Springer Spaniel are currently active.
66 offers for the Mega Neon Brown Springer Spaniel are currently active.
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